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The Sgovio Real Estate Team services all your real estate needs from buying to selling, leasing and investing throughout the GTA, Durham & York Region Real Estate markets. With our Sales knowledge in these markets, you can be assured that we will get the job done.

Our one of a kind client service in the before, during and after sales is built on a guaranteed 100% satisfaction and creating clients for life. The Sgovio Real Estate Team is set up around putting our Clients First allowing us to pass  true value for what get in your home buying and selling needs, beating our competition time and time again.

This dynamic Mother and Son combination will give you nothing less than the Royal Treatment.

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William ..

(Seller, 2014)

Just wanted to send you a short note to thank you for helping me sell my house. You made this decision a very stress free transition, from taking care of decluttering my house and preparing it to go on the market, having a photographer come to take picture, your professionalism, knowledge of the market, most important your patients and being so understanding on how difficult this was for me. The house sold within a week and got substantially more money that I could even imagine. Thank you from the bottom of heart. I would highly recommend Clara & Gino to one who is looking to sell or buy.

Rachel R.

(Seller, 2014)

Selling a house is a stressful process and when it came time to really start getting serious about selling, I knew that I whoever I was going to work with needed to be able to 1) make me laugh, 2) respond appropriately to any freak out emails or text messages that I would inevitably send at dinner time, and 3) (most importantly) make me feel confident about my choices. I admit that's a tall order and Gino fit the bill. Gino and I clicked from the start. Gino is a smart negotiator, an attribute that has been refined through the number of transactions he's been a part of on both the buying and selling end. His advice during this negotiating phase was invaluable and after we talked, he always made me feel better about whatever decision I was about to make. Gino understands his clients. Gino displayed an amazing amount of patience in lightheartedly responding and giving me the straight talk to make me realize I was freaking out over nothing. His timing and humor were much appreciated to break up any tension or stress of the process - especially when it came time to sign on the dotted line. Gino was right there with answering any last minute questions as I nervously signed all of my closing docs. My house sold on the very first day with multiple offers and well above the asking price!I highly recommend Gino and The Sgovio Team for any of your real estate needs!

Les and Diane H.

(Seller, 2016)

Wanting to get the best dollar we could for our beautiful home, we decided to sell it ourselves. We went through the purging process and, finally, to the staging part. The sign went up in the snow and we waited and waited.Clara brought some clients to view our home and asked to meet with us. I can remember her saying "Diane, let me sell this house for you." We weren't in a rush but soon realized nothing was happening.After being contacted by seventeen realtors, we decided to choose three that we would like to work with and choose one. What we liked best about Clara was the way she presented herself stating how she would have the open house, and then just wait for the offers to arrive. Very encouraging.The Sgovio's brought a stager and a photographer in and then listed the house on MLS on March 11. There were some viewings and by Thursday, March 13, there were two offers on the table. Although two offers were registered, the open house went according to plan and nothing was chintzed on. Gino and Clara brought in fruit and cheese platters and Perrier - just as though there were no offers. They invited the local neighbours in for a special viewing and then the open house afterwards.At the negotiating table, we found Gino to be extremely professional and told both parties to "bring their best forward". That is when we realized we would never have been able to do such a transaction so effortlessly.We highly recommend the Sgovios to anyone who wants to sell quickly and have good representation. PS - We got above asking. How good is that?

Angela H.

(Buyer, 2014)

On behalf of the Renda family, we can't speak highly enough of the Sgovio Team. Their reliability and professionalism truly impressed us. Above all, their support and understanding was greatly appreciated as we relied heavily on their knowledge and experience. They had compassion and were very helpful in offering advice. They were quick to reply and in constant communication to clarify, advise and update us while going through the negotiations and the process of both the purchase and sale transactions. The Sgovio Team is thorough, clear, always to the point and trustworthy. They are able to deliver and follow through.Clara and Gino are very personable and easy to get along with. They were able to relate to our situation. They made it easy to build a relationship with them. Their confidence and sense of humour made us feel comfortable and at ease.We benefitted greatly from the experience of working with the Sgovio Team and were very satisfied in using their service. We would highly recommend the Sgovio Team as they exceeded all our expectations and took care of all of our concerns.

Tanshuree P.

(Buyer, 2015)

Here's a little recommendation from our side. Again, I cannot thank you enough for being an amazing realtor and I am so glad we bought our house through you :)"We were looking to purchase our first house and being new to the area, we needed a realtor who understood our needs and budget as well as knew the neighborhood well.We got really lucky with Clara as we couldn't have asked for a better agent. She knows the market well and has been in business long enough to know when it's a good deal. We would call her with a new listing online we were interested in viewing and she would drop anything and always be available to show us a property at a moment's notice. She also has a very good sense of judging a property and has been the best help we could have asked for. She never pressured us or forced us to like a property or make a deal, she asked for our budget and went on to find best deals for us well within our budget. Clara was also an amazing help as being first time home owners we had zero knowledge about a lot of things and she would always make sure we knew each detail and understood everything. She has been an absolute pleasure to deal with and she still sends us friendly reminders on seasonal things that need to be done or tax timelines, things that you'd expect a family member to remind you of. We can not thank Clara & Gino enough and would highly recommend the Sgovio Team to anyone who is in the market to buy/sell a property

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