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Since coming over from Taipei, Taiwan I have come to appreciate what a special place we all have here in southern Ontario. The diversity and multiculturalism here is amazing. But I also know from my own experience that making the transition from a country overseas to life in Canada is not without hurdles, and I myself went through most of the same challenges that face today's New Canadians. I believe that this experience, combined with my multiple languages and my attention to people's concerns gives me a unique insight and ability. And being married to a native Guelphite also gives me access to a lot of local knowledge and the history of the city's various areas and wards. Along with this I also have an amazing team of contractors and renovators who can either get your current home ready to earn you the most money, or to polish your new home into exactly what you want it to be!

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(Buyer, 2015)

Kelly is very dedicated and passionate about her work. She is always patient and helpful . Her warm personality would definitely brighten your day .

Miaoshu W.

(Buyer, 2015)

She is always willing to help people no matter how bad the situation is. Choose Kelly! Choose the best professional!

Nancy X.

(Buyer, 2014)

Kelly is a very professional real estate agent. She helped us find our first home. We love this home so much and enjoy every minute while staying at this home. We are very impressed with Kelly's service and especially with her delightful personality. I would definitely recommend Kelly to anyone in this area who is searching to buy or sell properties.

Maggie F.

(Buyer, 2015)

Kelly is a very professional agent and nice person. We love to work with her. She pays attention to details which was difficult for us. She gives us great suggestions and reports. When I was fighting with my boyfriend because of the house, she was always there to support! Without Kelly, we could not enjoy the house so much. Thank you, Kelly!!!

Abby S.

(Buyer, 2015)

We got a handful referrals when my husband and I mentioned to our friends that we were looking for a realtor. However, after talked to a few agents, we decided to go with Kelly for our house hunting. Kelly is down to earth and approachable. She is incredibly patient and honest with our countless questions. We were living in Toronto and I was pregnant so we were not able to come down to Guelph very often. However, Kelly always did extensive research and gave us an educated opinion. That saved us a lot of time and energies. She support us in whatever choice we made as well as pointed out her thoughts on the house. She was never pushy. Thanks to her extensive knowledge and honesty, we did find our dream house at a very reasonable price. Thumbs up to Kelly!

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