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After 12 years of success at Royal LePage Royal City Realty, where I gained invaluable experience in real estate and served many satisfied clients, I joined TrilliumWest in 2015 to capitalize on its innovative approach and client-centered services.I have lived in Guelph for the past 15 years and have developed a significant insight into characteristics of each neighborhood and what it has to offer. As a long-term resident of Guelph I and my wife, who is a partner with Guelph Midwives, have been involved in various community initiatives and have strived to serve the Guelph community.


Royal LePage President’s Gold Award and Royal LePage Life Time Award of Excellence in 2011

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Solid full-time real estate experience with highly rated customer reviews.

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5.0/5 of 10 reviews

Kathy M.

(Buyer, 2013)

Working with Nassir was a very positive experience. He listens carefully to what you want in your new home and is a skilled negotiator when presenting your offer.

Diane X.

(Seller, 2015)

Nassir was very professional and knowledgable . He helped to ease the anxieties that come along with selling your home and walked me through what to expect in today's market. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell!!

Shadi R.

(Buyer, 2008-2016)

We had the privilege of working with Nassir for 8 year during which he never ceased to impress us with his professionalism, knowledge in the field and caring attitude. We had full trust in Nassir and his recommendations and advice. Having a degree in civil engineering, he was able to walk us through the the very important details we wouldn't have noticed otherwise. We are grateful to Nassir and all his help with purchasing our two homes as well as the upcoming sale of one of them.

Graham R.

(Buyer and Seller, 2015)

Working with Nassir as our real-estate agent has been a breath of fresh air in a market of those only looking out for themselves. Nassir has proven over and over that he has the clients best interest at heart. I have had the pleasure of being a seller and a buyer with Nassir as my agent. In both instances he has been an invauable asset. His knowledge of the market is next to none. We received 27 offers in one week with the sale of our south-end home and a closing sale 90k over asking. When buying our newest home in 2016 we were able to negotiate effectively with his market knowledge and buying experience. I would highly recommend Nassir to anyone looking to sell or buy a new home

Mostafa N.

(Buyer, 2016)

We are a professional couple living in Guelph . We bought our first house with Nassir Azizeddin in fall 2016. We absolutely recommend him as an agent, whether you intend to buy or sell a property. Below we briefly mention the most significant characteristics we found in Nassir that, in our opinion, make him such an outstanding person and agent. - Honesty and integrity: We spent a lot of time with Nassir, and were not the easiest buyers. He never showed a sign of frustration, nor did he ever push us into buying a property. We never found any inconsistency in the ton of information he gave us. He gained our trust quickly and strengthened that trust throughout our home-buying process. - Technical knowledge and skills: Nassir is a Civil engineer by education and practice. He has worked as a builder, constructor, investment consultant, and of course real estate agent. You can rarely find this combination of skills (at practical capacity) in one person, and we can not emphasize enough how important that is when, for example, you consider buying a property with high potentials, which needs some work to meet your ideals. - Historical, urban and demographic knowledge: Without exaggerating, Nassir knows all the neighbourhoods in Guelph, their historical background, their current and prospective demographics and landscapes, their weaknesses and potentials and much more. You may be able to make a good purchase without your agent knowing all of this, but that will become a matter of chance. - Social and professional connectedness: We approached Nassir with the idea of buying a house, but no prior preparation or knowledge. He connected us to a very capable mortgage broker who got us started, and later Nassir directed us to a great house inspector and of course a lawyer. He also directs us to the best of suppliers and service providers we need as home owners. He is well-known and well-respected among his colleagues, which made a lot of things proceed seamlessly and smoothly at the last stages of our home-buying process. For example, he managed to buy us our desired property below the listed price, which rarely happens in this market. - Cordiality and care: Nassir helped us not just to buy a house, but a home. He mildly advised us against putting offers for properties he knew would not fit our needs, or properties with poor future potentials, although he never stopped us from putting an offer for a property we felt strongly for. Using his advice, we gradually learned about what our money could buy and how that would best meet our needs and ideals. - Enthusiasm: Nassir loves his job and he loves working with people. The two of us, being younger than Nassir, could hardly cope with his energy and stamina as we sometimes visited a few properties with him in a day. It was an intense learning experience and could have been stressful too, but Nassir's bright mindset and positive attitude turned it into an exciting experience instead. By the time our offer was finalized and accepted, we were sad that the excitement was over! We wish to say much more about Nassir, but leave it to you to have your own experience with this fine gentleman.

Sam H.

(Buyer and Seller, 2009, 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016)

I had great experience working with Nassir for the last 7 years. Since then, Nassir had completed multiple deals buying and selling with a great recommendations and guidance. If it werent for his great experience and advises I would not be where I am... Excellent customer satisfaction!!!

Ron T.

(Buyer, 2013)

Nassir is truly one of those rare Agents that prioritizes your happiness over his own profit. He has solid morals, ethics, and I always feel that his advice is honest. I would have used him for these qualities alone, but what I really like about Nassir is that he works harder than any Agent I know and he knows his stuff! If you're looking for an agent that is knowledgable about neighbourhoods, investment properties, construction, and negotiation, I would highly recommend Nassir.

Jenn D.

(Buyer and Seller, 2016)

My family has been looking for a forever home over the past few years. We have a strict list of needs, which has made the hunt more challenging. Nassir has been extremely patient and accommodating. He checks in with us when he hasn't heard from us for a while. He knows our children by name and takes the time to talk to them when he sees them. He responds quickly to our messages when we find a property that interests us. He is honest, giving us good advice based on his many years in the Guelph real estate market. We would selfishly like to keep Nassir to ourselves until we find our next home, however we gladly recommend him to someone seeking a realtor!

Faramarz E.

(Buyer and Seller, 2016)

Nassir is an amazing person to have on your side. He's extremely knowledgeable, helpful and knows the industry well. I would highly recommend anyone interested in buying or selling a home to contact him for his services.

Marwan H.

(Buyer, 2011)

I only had a few days to come from New Brunswick to see, choose, inspect, and finalize a deal. It seemed like an impossible task given my family's requirements for a home and our allocated budget. Nasir was very helpful prepared a number of visits to houses that fit our requirements and in a matter of two days we were able to find our house, in the following three days home inspection and offer were successfully concluded. He was very efficient, professional and very cheerful. He also provided some very good suggestions as to what neighbourhoods that might be problematic or unsuitable for us as well as some sound financial tips during the offer negotiation. It was a pleasure dealing with him. I recommended​ him to a few of my colleagues and I strongly recommend him to any one who wish to buy a house in Guelph.

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