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I moved to Guelph many years ago to raise my family and fell in love with the city!

A few years ago,  my husband and I started our Real Estate career. We've been in the customer-service industry for over 30 years and we bring that experience to continue to provide excellent customer care to our clients.


French, Italian, Spanish, English

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High number of transactions from leading brokerages.


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Solid full-time real estate experience with highly rated customer reviews.

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Chris and Myra M.

(Buyer and Seller, 2014)

The minute we met Robbie & Pierre we knew they were the perfect fit to be our realtors. They were both very in sync with our needs and listened to us throughout the entire process. They took time to learn about us as people, our values, and applied that understanding to the house buying process. Always available no matter the question or request, Robbie & Pierre were fantastic to work with! I couldn't have wished for a better experience!!!

Reid and Ashley G.

(Buyer and Seller, 2014)

Robbie was such a joy to work with. We were a little bit saddened when all the paperwork was finished because we wouldn't see Robbie anymore! Even our 2 year old loved Robbie! Her attentiveness and endless energy put us at ease from day one right through to the end. A true professional and pleasure to work with! If you are looking for an agent to either buy or sell, Robbie is the perfect choice!

Jerry and Barb G.

(Seller, 2015)

My husband and I were extremely happy with Robbie and Pierre in their work to sell our home. They are very ethical in ensuring that everything was done correctly and fairly. Both were keen to do all they could for us and kept us informed every step of the way. If there was anything they couldn't answer immediately, or were unsure of, they found out right away and got back to us. Honesty, keenness and obvious pleasure in helping us sell our home quickly and for an amount we were very happy with. That's what you want in an agent and that's what Robbie and Pierre gave us. I highly recommend them!

Marc J.

(Buyer, 2015)

Moved from London to Guelph HOME PURCHASE Well so much to say... Where do we start.... Let's start with how VERY, VERY happy we were with Robbie and Pierre. They were both knowledgeable, patient, attentive, approacheable and eager to help and anything they didn't know, they were really, really quick at finding out. Both had lots of knowledge on Guelph as well as history and being that we moved here from London ON - it was really helpful. They were 'frank' with us and we like that. They were easy to connect with, both professionally and personally - just very nice, good people. It never felt like we were ever dealing with a "used car salesman" - like most agents we've come by, anything to get a sale.... They both treated us like 'people' not as a 'sale'. If we could ever say anything else about these two is that we would ALWAYS RECOMMEND THEM to others and use them again (not that we plan to move again soon!). It's good to know there are still Great, Honest people(agents) out there from the beginning to even after the sale......thanks Robbie and Pierre. Very Well Done guys, Marc and Mike

Bonnie S.

(Buyer, 2015)

Robbie and her husband Pierre were a delight to work with! My son wanted to purchase his first property and we contacted Robbie to facilitate the process. She was always available and went above and beyond to help us find the perfect property. Always professional, but what I appreciated most was her enthusiasm and support!

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