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As a REALTOR® I want you to be in a home you love. As a Chartered Accountant (CPA, CA) I have the numbers-savvy to ensure your housing choice makes strong financial sense for you and your unique situation.

I pledge to:
1) listen closely to your needs and preferences
2) be responsive in our communications
3) be well-informed on the market and give you straight-talk

I will value your trust, your time, and your wishlist. Though we'll have fun with this, I take my duty of care to you seriously, and so does the CENTURY 21 brokerage I work with. It would be a pleasure to put my hometown knowledge and numbers know-how to work for you.

Top 3 reasons to work with me:

1) I am on top of the Toronto market. The market analysis I perform to uncover the latest shifts and trends has led the Globe & Mail, Maclean's, CTV and Global to seek out my opinions and insights. 2) I'm attentive. That means I'll listen to what you want, and learn as we go. It also means I'm responsive when you reach out. And it means and I pay attention to details. 3) I bring my Chartered Accountant's professional's pride into the quality of my work. I've made a career out of delivering what's asked of me; I get things done, done well, and done on time.


Professional Photography, Multi-Bid Expertise, Negotiations Expertise

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High number of transactions from leading brokerages.


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Solid full-time real estate experience with highly rated customer reviews.

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5.0/5 of 6 reviews

Clara M.

(Buyer, 2017)

To be honest, we were not sure if Scott was going to be the right agent for us. As our experience proved in the past that we would have yet another mediocre one. Plus, considering he was fairly new to the business and was more specialized in the 416 than the 905. However, he proved us wrong in a big way! This guy has definitely elevated expectations of what a real estate agent is and should be.  Scott is an the most superior real estate agent we have ever had. He differentiates from other agents with his attention to detail, ability to anticipate questions, does what is best for his client (not all about getting a commission), thoroughness in his analysis and ability to think outside of the box. We have never come across an agent who has such superior skills. His ability to provide quick, detailed and thoughtful analysis on the housing market in the areas we were interested in was impeccable.  Any agent can show you a bunch of listings and homes, but Scott provides you with much more than that. By going above and beyond what a regular agent does, he creates a full, detailed analysis which gives you a deeper and fuller understanding of this significant purchase/commitment you are making. As the housing market is rapidly changing, Scott keeps fully up to date with what is happening which provides you with much comfort when he shares with you all the research he has done. He devotes a lot of time in his research which results in a much more efficient process for you in finding your new home. You do not end up wasting your time in going to homes that won't be suitable for you. Given our busy lifestyles, we found this to be invaluable.  After we had provided Scott with our initial list of wants and needs in a home, he requested our continual input for listings to fine tune his understanding of what we really wanted in a home. He was extremely patient with us during this process and even anticipated and addressed questions we didn't even think of. Scott also created spreadsheets and graphs to show us trends for the past years as well as comparisons between different municipalities in regards to listed/sold prices, Fraser Institute ratings of local schools and houses sold below or above our budget. Even in areas he was not familiar with, he quickly researched and learned these new areas and was able to provide insight. These were all extremely helpful in providing us with more information in order for us to further narrow down our houses of interest. He also provided us with unique suggestions for renovations in potential homes that we never thought of. Scott's ability to think outside of the box is phenomenal. Scott was also upfront with us and raised the option of not selling our house. He shared his rationale and the financial analysis he'd done which showed he thought it could make more sense for us to stay and renovate. He was very honest with us throughout the process even though he knew he might forego making a commission. Scott has true integrity. Someone you can really trust. We highly recommend Scott to anyone. He is not your typical real estate agent and differentiates himself from others through his integrity, reliability, his passion for and superior abilities in researching and providing in-depth analysis and value added services beyond the norm during this volatile housing market.

Wendy N.

(Seller, 2016)

I came to Scott to sell my house for me because I was moving out of town for work. He looked into the numbers on my situation and showed me how renting out my house would more than carry my expenses and therefore help subsidize my rent in the new city. He pointed out that I'd also be saving over $25,000 in transaction costs by holding versus selling and buying a similar house if I ever returned. Plus he noted I'd benefit from any price growth by keeping it. It all made a lot of sense, and I'm glad I decided to hold onto my house

Tania M.

(Seller, 2016)

Scott will go the distance! He made me feel like selling my home was his top priority. And his attention to detail is beyond compare. He will always be there for you; quick to help and so well informed. It's true, properties sell themselves in this city. But, with Scott's help and advice, you know for sure you're getting top dollar.

Matt B.

(Buyer, 2017)

As first-time home buyers, Scott patiently guided us through the process and provided outstanding information and market analysis tailored to our budget and priorities. Scott is personable and passionate about his work - I couldn't recommend him more.

Andrea J.

(Buyer and Seller, 2016)

Scott was great at connecting me to resources to not just get my house in the best shape to sell, but also to transform the house I bought into my dream home. Great communication and knowledge of the market.

Clayton H.

(Seller, 2017)

Scott was a pleasure to work with. He performed quite a bit of market research for a property we were considering selling outside of the city. He is extremely well-informed of the local markets but in this case, he made himself informed on the particular market we own in. So much so, that he is likely more knowledgeable on that market now than most locals. Besides his excellent research skills, Scott is an expert on finance with many years of accounting under his belt. We hold a lot of faith in his opinions, as well as his ability to find and interpret the appropriate stats and information relating to the property we were dealing with. On top of that, he's very thorough (he prepared many PDFs & spreadsheets), thoughtful (he got to know our needs), and most importantly, honest (there is nothing shady about this guy). I would recommend Scott in a second.

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