Fivewalls Reviews of Kalpana Bhavsar

Purification F.
(Seller, Sep 08, 2021)
Kalpana is an amazing agent. She's very responsive and always keep us updated. She's very knowledgeable about the real estate market and guided us through the whole process until our house got sold. Thank you so much again to the entire Bhavsar Team!!! The Faustinos
Harry L.
(Landlord, Aug 17, 2021)
This is my third deal with Kalpana. She is very professional, helpful and responds to queries promptly.
Savio F.
(Landlord, Aug 12, 2021)
Kalpana had done considerable research of the property before making the listing for the lease at $2300. However, after a few days of any positive response from potential tenants she stepped up to list the property on the local market at that location. A few days later she was able to come up with a excellent tenant who we finally signed off without seeing the tenant. I am extremely happy with her performance and will definitely recommend her to any of my friends.
Roque R.
(Landlord, Aug 12, 2021)
Devendra T.
(Landlord, Aug 10, 2021)
Kalpana understood our situations and requirements and guided us of the best. We really appreciate her patience and expertise.
Raul G.
(Tenant, Aug 02, 2021)
Kalpana is helpful and accommodating to my request
Gurjit S.
(Buyer, Jul 28, 2021)
Don Isururaja B.
(Landlord, Jul 19, 2021)
We have been working Kalpana for since 2013. She is really knowledgeable and extremely helpful throughout the entire process. We would recommend her to anyone without any hesitation.
Gazala S.
(Landlord, Jul 18, 2021)
Kalpana has been amazing. She does her due diligence and makes sure everything goes smoothly. We trust her completely!!
Yoonus S.
(Seller, Jul 17, 2021)
We've been working with Kalpana for the last few years and have always valued her advice and service. We would highly recommend her.

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