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Top 3 reasons to work with me:

  • Listening Skill - I am a good listener. I listen to my clients' needs and wants and work to make it as easy and stress-free as possible for them.
  • Listening Skill - I am a good listener. I listen to my clients' needs and wants and work to make it as easy and stress-free as possible for them.
  • Work with Other Professionals - I have good relationships with other professionals such as Mortgage Brokers, Lawyers, Home Inspectors and Home Stagers to make the process stress free.

About me:


Top Teams in the Bathurst office, Platinum Club 2017


Complimentary Home Staging, Complimentary Professional Photography, Negotiations Expertise, Multi-Bid Strategies, Digital Marketing, Renovations Expertise

Designations and Certifications

Senior’s Real Estate Specialist

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High number of transactions from leading brokerages.


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Solid full-time real estate experience with highly rated customer reviews.

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Fivewalls Reviews of Eily

5.0/5 of 13 reviews

Emily A.

(Buyer, 2017)

Eily was extremely professional in the home buying process and was very supportive of every decision and really guided us when we were looking for the perfect home. She took care of us as if we were her family and remained such a key person in the purchase of our first home together. Thank you Eily and I would recommend you to anyone buying or selling their home!!

Lisa L.

(Seller, 2017)

Eily and Zoltan are the best people to have in your corner when it comes to selling your property. With their supportive and professional expertise, we were able to sell our condo for far more than we had ever though possible. They are a mighty team... Eily was the staging and marketing expert, utilizing a range of effective techniques to maximize interest in our property and ultimately, the number of offers received. Zoltan was the master negotiator and deal-maker, manage bids and levering buyer interest up to the 'nail-biting finish' to build the sale price to as high as it could go. Along the way, they kept us clearly informed of every development and opportunity. We are absolutely confident that they worked tirelessly on our behalf. We recommend them without reservation.

Alyson and Lordy A.

(Buyer and Seller, 2017)

We would like to take the time to say a BIG thank you to you both for assisting us in selling our home recently and helping us to secure a rental property. Your professionalism and kindness has gone a long way in ensuring that we made the right choice for our family. It would be a pleasure to recommend you to any future buy/sell opportunities for our friends or family. They will be absolutely satisfied, as we are!

Don and Jennifer L.

(Seller, 2016)

Very professional, attentive to your needs, honest, thorough. They were very prepared when meeting with us, and worked hard to be our realtor. Other agents we met.....not so much. Couldn't be happier with their results (got top dollar for our house), and very nice people also!

Alexandra S.

(Buyer, 2016)

Meeting Eily and Zoltan Bartfai via an online search company for realtor agents was the best thing that happened to me when I was looking for a condo in Toronto. They met me in first to discuss what my needs are (size, location age, maintenance fees, closing date, etc.) and how much money I was prepared to spend. In that meeting I got a good feeling as they know the area, the market with pricing, the process, and condo availabilities. For our first tour, they had selected several condos that met my expectations. When we started the tour, that same day a new condo had just entered the market and they had proactively added it to the list. This condo happened to be the one on which I made an offer on the same day. Nevertheless, they agreed to take me out a second time to see a few other condos in case the deal did not go through, but the deal did go through and thanks to Eily and Zoltan the process was smooth and without any major issues. Eily and Zoltan acted very professionally, got me a great deal for the condo, and made me feel like an important customer despite the fact that it was not a million-dollar-deal. They gave me their best advice and always had my interests in mind. They were really 'my agents'. If I ever need real estate again in the GTA, it is a no brainer for me to ask for their help again. Going with Eily and Zoltan, you can be reassured to be in the best hands. They are extremely professional, easy going and both with a great sense of humor, so you will have a good laugh here and there while on the road with them.

Peter M.

(Seller, 2015)

We were very happy to have Zoltan and his wife Eily work with us to sell our condo. They scheduled all meetings and interactions at our convenience after work and on weekends. They provided us with outstanding advice about how to prepare our condo for sale. They took amazing professional photos and provided a profile on the condo for people viewing our home. They promptly returned all phone calls and had advertising in place as soon as we listed. They both worked hard, illustrated a great understanding of contract details, negotiation etiquette, and documentation. Our condo was sold in 4 days after listing on MLS. I am confident that the reason we sold so quickly in a saturated Toronto market was due to their expertise. We really appreciated Zoltan and Eily’s calm reassurance and expert advice throughout the entire sales process. Zoltan and Eily were the outstanding real estate professional we were looking for, and having the work with us made a nerve-wracking negotiation a wonderful success! I recommend them without hesitation!

Rachel L.

(Buyer, 2015)

When looking to purchase our second home, we were looking for agents who would poses a mix of specific attributes. They needed to be knowledgable, experienced, and have a pulse on which areas are up and coming in Toronto. Zoltan and Eily fit the bill. With Zoltan's negotiating skills and Eily's dilligent research we would the perfect home, in a neighbourhood that is up and coming for a good proce. At the end of it all we also came away with two friends. Now you can't beat that.

Karl E and Remi P.

(Buyer, 2014)

Thank you so much for helping us to buy our first new home. It was a great experience having you as our buyer agents. We were very impressed by Zoltan’s negotiating skills and Eily’s trustworthy attitude. As a first time buyer, we didn’t have any clue where to start. Luckily, we found you on the internet. You were both upfront and open, providing us with property listings that fit us very well which saved us a lot of time. Also, you didn’t push us during the home search, which is very important to us (especially to Karl). Unlike the other realtor we met, you cared about us as both customers and friends. We are thinking of having you as our realtors again next time when we start looking for a bigger home. Thank you again for your work, it’s very much appreciated.

Sanjay and Nila T.

(Seller, 2013)

Hey guys, Thank you for helping us big time today. We have decided that is it only fitting that you should receive the full 2.5% commission on the sale of our condo.

Jonathan G.

(Buyer, 2010)

I would highly recommend Zoltan and Eily to anyone who is buying or selling a home. They were very helpful and guided us through the entire process. They are very knowledgable and endevoured to sshare this knowledge with us, to help us make a good decision relating to our home purchase. Whenever we had questions, Zoltan and Eily were always available and willing to answer them. We knew that they were looking out for our best interests at all times and did not pressure us in any way. We were in a position where we had a very short period of time to purchase a home, but with Zoltan and Eily's support, we were able to accomplish this without and difficulty and are very happy with our purchase. Overall, it was a very positive experience that surpassed my expectations.

Francis D and Jennifer H.

(Buyer and Seller, 2008)

Zoltan and Eily are as good as it gets when it comes to purchasing or selling a home. We were referred to this dynamic duo and our expectations were exceeded again and again. We had the pleasure if having Zoltan and Eily, first to purchase our home and even more recently, to sell our home. Zoltan and Eily are not just your real estate agents, they also become your friends, and friends always have your interests at heart. When we were looking for a home, being new to Toronto, we were unsure hat areas we wanted to live in and wanted to explore our options. Zoltan was extremely accommodating and was always very prepared when we went out on our house-hunting ventures. I am an extremely picky person and we probably looked at approx. 120 properties before we finally chose one. Through this experience were countless days and nights that Zoltan and Eily were at our disposal, always very considerate of our needs and always listened, never showed us homes that did not suit our tastes. Never once during this process did we feel pressure to make a decision- he was interested in us not just finding a hoe, but our home. I think they deserve a medal for their patience with us. During this purchase, my husband and I experienced and emergency situation and Zoltan and Eily were extremely hospitable, accommodating, and went out of their way to help us. Zoltan also recommended other services that we needed at the time. Recently we decided to sell our home, as we are moving overseas, there was no through process involved - we called Zoltan and Eily. The sale of our new home was effortless, quick and professional handled - what could be a very stressful event (we were under a timeline to sell our house as we were leaving the country), turned out to be stress-free- our home was sold in less than 24 hours. Zoltan and Eily, knowing my husband was away, always called to see if I needed anything and went graciously out of their way to offer any help. They are truly a gem! My husband and I would be the first to recommend Zoltan and Eily for purchasing or selling a home as I truly believe you couldn't ask for a more genuine and sincere couple who always has your best interest at heart. They both have such a warm demeanor and can truly be trusted with your home and you truly feel as if you are always #1 with them. They are extremely professional and keep you informed every step of the way. Thank you Zoltan and Eily - you guys are as good as it gets!!!

Linda F.

(Buyer, 2008)

Hi Eily and Zoltan, Its funny, I have been thinking about the two of you a lot lately and I guess you were thinking of me as I received your beautiful card the other day. What a lovely sentiment. Thank you. I'm not sure if you realize that I have just passed the one year anniversary in my new home. I have to tell you honestly, every night when I walk in the door I cannot believe I am so blessed to have this house. I love it as much as I did the first day I saw it, perhaps more. I am so happy here, and really I have the two of you to thank. When I think back to all of the houses you so patiently showed me, I'm sure it was over 100, it amazes me that you were so willing and helpful and insightful throughout the whole process. It was such a lengthy process, after all I am somewhat particular, but you took me through it all with such professionalism and the utmost care. I still remember you saying to me "we will find you a home, not a house, but a home". You certainly did that. I am so grateful. You even humoured me and took me to places that I had seen on MLS that you knew I wouldn't like but you knew I had to see for myself. What patience you have. The fact that I don't drive as certainly an inconvenience but never once did you make me feel that it was. You were constantly picking me up, taking me all over the city, and getting me home safe and sound (even if we did drive down a one way street backwards!) You were in constant contact with me so I always knew what was going on. I can't tell you what that means to a client. I never felt like I was left in the dark. I think we lost 5 or 6 houses in bidding wars but we picked ourselves up and moved onto the next and I always knew you did your best for me. Eily, I remember when we first saw this house and I was so skeptical as we had seen so many houses. You and I walked through and I was very quiet. You and I made it up to the loft and you looked and me and said, "there is nothing wrong with this house so why aren't you saying anything?" I replied, "this is too good to be true, there must be dead bodies in the basement or something!" We laughed so hard because I think we both knew it was the one. I couldn't stop thinking about it that night, I called Zoltan and he and I went back the next morning before I had to go to work and bought it. I remember Zoltan, you negotiating, in the house, out to the car, back in the house etc. and then you came in with a very straight face and I thought I'd lost it. Then you smiled, hugged me and said you just bought a house! I was so thrilled, in fact I couldn't breathe for a moment and started to cry! They were tears of joy! Once again thank you. Both of you helped through a very difficult time in my life and treated me not only like a client but as a friend, hopefully a friendship that will continue for years to come. I am just reflecting back on the first time I met the two of you, Eily with a smile that was so warm and welcoming it could light up a room, and Zoltan, a little more business like with briefcase in hand. It didn't take me long to see that you are an incredible businessman but a kind, caring, funny, and genuine individual. I think one of the things that impressed me the most about the two of you is the loving relationship you share, how much you respect each other, and how much you love your children. I could go on and on but I think you know how much I admire, respect and care for you both. You should be very proud of yourselves and the service you provide for your clients. I tell all my friends about you and I would never consider buying or selling a home without you. You are the best real estate agents I have ever encountered and I have encountered quite a few in the last 5 years. Many many thanks for all you did for me!

Gavin W.

(Buyer, 2006)

Our association with Zoltan and his charming wife Eily began in February 2005 when, through a personal reference, we made email contact with him from the UK in anticipation of a potential move to Canada, with my prospect of taking up a new role as a Director of a downtown based global market research company. As job negotiations gathered momentum, it became essential that we were also able to piece together the equally important elements involved in moving one’s family ‘lock-stock-and-barrel’ to another continent. This was no placement or fixed –term contract but a one-way ticket to a new life with no one on hand to help. We therefore needed a trusted partner who could advise on the local property market. We soon learned that we got a lot more in terms of counsel and advice on a whole raft of family and personal issues – all of it welcome and all of it sold and well considered. We arrived in Toronto in March for the first of two ‘recce’ visits and were greeted by Zoltan and Eily with a thoughtfully constructed itinerary designed to orientate us to the city. At this point the job offer had yet to be finalized and therefore our decision to come was not yet final. Still Zoltan and Eily made us feel instantly at ease and made every effort to maximize the usefulness of that first visit. Starting with the helicopter view and then quickly focusing on potential property options. We departed Toronto with the intent to return for further ‘recce’ and did so in May 2005. During the interim we struck up a phone and email relationship that had Zoltan providing a plethora of useful lifestyle and practical tips including advice on schools, recreation shopping and all manner of important information. He was always proactive, never pushy. The second visit cemented our intent for me to take the job offer and by the end of it we had a thorough grounding in the property market, neighbourhoods, and options open to us. At the same time Zoltan juggled endlessly with various options to suit what must have seemed like an ever-changing set of parameters in order to help us ease into an accommodation solution that was right for us. We left in the knowledge of our certainly to return permanently in July but still lacking a final solution. Zoltan was quickly able to fill the void by securing an ideal, short-term and flexible solution in furnished and executive accommodations until we a)sold our property in the UK and b) decided precisely what we wanted once we had settled in and gotten our bearings. At no time was there pressure and nothing, but nothing, was too much effort. Zoltan and Eily resumed their support to us as soon as we landed in Canada. He cannot fail to impress with his local knowledge and prepares you for every house hunting foray with a level of detail that is second to none. His maps, notes, and check lists are a work of art, each annotated with details on transport, links, amenities and places of interest, and socio-demographic information. These became invaluable for tracing one’s step after a long day’s house hunting when trying to recollect what you di and didn’t like about a property. He is thoroughly reliable and reliably thorough. After all, what else would you expect from a Swiss pilot! Following many nights and weekends dedicated to finding the right property, we bought and moved into our new home in Lawrence Park. During that time we have lost count of the selfless actions and gestures they have made to help us find our feet in our new life. They have given endless support to my family particularly while I have had to take up the responsibilities and international travel involved in my new job which takes me away from home. We now count Zoltan and Eily among our close friends. Putting our personal relationship aside however, we would have no hesitation in recommending Zoltan. He is the most professional, attentive, and competent of Realtors and a pleasure to do business with.

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